Navigator Page Feature Library

Page features may add functionality beyond the core capability of the Harlequin RIP. From optional file naming conventions to PostScript modifiers, if you are looking for a special feature for your old Navigator RIP you'll probably find it here. However, no page features have been tested since before version 7.

We've placed the features into the groups outlined bellow. Each group contains several different features, the details of which are viewable by clicking the links.

Some page features come in two parts. The files have the same name but end with .ps and .psx. Both these files must be copied to the page features folder of the RIP and the .ps file selected in the page setup. These features will only work on a Xitron RIP.

All features are provided as is. No warranty of usability or functionality is expressed or implied. Xitron does not guarantee that a feature will perform as expected by the end user or described in this or other relevant documentation. Xitron features can be written or adjusted to meet specific needs and expectations. Requests for such additions, modifications or alterations can be made by contacting Xitron. A customization charge will apply.